Top 12 Free music Downloads Website and App for 2019 -(Tech To Time 4 u)

Listening to songs has been a part of everyone's life, be it sound or useful. The song is how we express our feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs that we cannot express daily. Over time, new ways to enjoy and listen to songs have been developed wherever and whenever we are.

The Internet has billions of files and multimedia content such as music, videos, documents. Artists and musicians can spread their works on the Internet for the purpose of "spreading the word" in the world and present their works. Free.

There are many streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music, a great way to listen to music while you have a secure connection to the Internet.

 Sometimes you need to free music downloads to listen offline.
So you have to have different websites where you can get downloaded songs. 
Of course, most of you know that downloading music from pirate websites is illegal and you can end the piracy by the government.
Do not worry if you do not want to break the rules or download illegal music, because it's free to download legitimate songs.

In this article, we provide you with 12 legal sites for downloading music. Continue reading to learn more about these sites.

1. TubeMate

Sometimes, the best apps for free music downloads are programs that are not specifically designed. TubeMate is a program that lets you upload YouTube videos in multiple formats, including audio formats only. As you know, YouTube is one of the best places to listen to your favourite music and TubeMate is one of the best places to download it.

2. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular music site. that can provide free music downloads for offline. In fact, it is also seen as the best alternative to Spotify where you can get music online without paying.

In the online music streaming community, content is uploaded by independent artists and famous musicians. You can search for songs through bands or artist tags in the search bar. SoundCloud has also recently been registered on our list of the best music streaming services in India. It contains a relatively small but very fun collection of remix Hindi songs that can be downloaded for free.

3. Miui player

Miui player one of the best free music downloads site.
The Miui player comes from the popular ROM MIUI. This lightweight ROM is well known for its simple and sophisticated user interface. The MIUI audio player comes with one of the best applications that let users search for songs on the Internet - OS. It is noteworthy that it is not only the songs that you play but also the music you can download for free. Just search for a song, scroll until you find the song you want, and the right button has a download button. Click the button, and it will ask you to choose the quality. Cool, You will find a lot of Chinese in the program, but you can find your way soon after you start digging.

4. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music offers free music downloads for years. All of these downloads are completely free (so there are no letters from your ISP) and are protected by Creative Commons licenses. This basically means that the creators of these songs don't mind if you download their music for personal enjoyment.

Basically, Jamendo focuses on music. They also have free radio stations and playlists that regularly update. Once you've got a good set of free music downloads, you can access them offline on iOS, Android, or another device.


Like titles, converts streaming video into downloads. also provide free music download, have a lot of music playlist.
This site is similar to YouTube but also allows users to search for video content directly from their page.

The formula for this topic seems to work well for this German site. 
So far, works under the radar. As far as we know, there is no persecution yet on the site. In fact, YouTube's shutting down MP3s can work for its benefit. 

6. PureVolume

PureVolume is a community of music lovers. Here you can download free music. Artists can subscribe and upload their own music on the site, and listeners can help artists by downloading, listening to, and polling their songs. Each artist has his profile with basic details, music and photos. It is up to the artist to allow downloads or not, if the artist has allowed downloads, you can download their songs. Many artists in PureVolume have downloaded, so you can enjoy great music free.
Some artists have not featured live streaming online, so you can stream their songs as streaming as possible, but you can not download them offline. You can get free covers and remix for the most popular songs as well. Free music downloads allow on this website.

7. Audio Archive

Audio Archive is a very good digital platform that includes not only options for streaming audio over the Internet, but also unlimited content for free music downloads. 
One of the distinctive features of this site is that you not only listen to good music but also have audiobooks, radio clips and audio that can be downloaded for your own videos on this website. The audio archive contains a large amount of audio content that you can use according to your specific needs.

8. Skull mp3

Due to the closure of the official website for Free music downloads  There are now many websites on the web with somewhat similar names like MP3Skulls.
using the information the, they try to get the company's official base, but you can see those sites, but they are not asymmetrical.
We can search for the keywords "MP3 Skull" on Google and find, which can let you download free MP3 music such as Bollywood Songs, Video Songs and more.


You can easily search and download any of your favourite music on free music downloads site, you can easily find new and latest music and head on the Noise website. The best feature of this site is listening to the song before downloading and improving its quality. You must be logged in with your registered account to download any route. If you don't have an account, you must register and then you can download your favourite music on your Android device. You can easily find information about any songs, albums and artists.

10. SoundClick 

SoundClick is the ultimate portal for finding free music downloads directly from artist sites. 
These artists decided that people would like to have their music downloaded for free.
 This includes signed and unsigned musicians.
With SoundClick, you can listen to music charts and genres until you find a free music download or you want to download it later.

11. Audiomack

With an intuitive interface and easy access, Audiomack is a great place to find amazing music for music lovers.
This free music downloads site has well-categorized sections like Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums that make it easy to discover the desired songs. Music in the trend is distributed in real-time and offers the most important hip hop, electronic and reggae music, which is very popular among young people.

12. MP3Jam

This free music download has multi-threaded file downloads, which means it can be downloaded from multiple sources at once, and several downloads can be played at the same time as well.  
MP3Jam tries to find the best quality - up to 320 kbps, and it's easy to find hashtags that can be found in some genre music.

Downloading songs for offline inclusion gives us the freedom they can't stream online. 
Drive your music collection to places where it is difficult to connect to the Internet. 

With the 13 free music download sites listed above, you can not only download songs for free but also legally. I hope you liked this article and found a good music site.

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