Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera 2019

Sony's Alpha A7R3 mirrorless digital camera is not just a resolution, but a versatile, high-performance camera characterized by its multimedia versatility.

s continuous shooting rate for improved autofocus performance for faster, more reliable subject tracking with wide frame coverage.

detection points and 425 contrast detection fields to quickly gain a variety of focus in different lighting situations and more effectively maintain focus.

e greater image clarity across the sensitivity range from ISO 100-32000, which may further extend to ISO 50-102400.

Video recording capabilities have also been enhanced for increased quality when recording UHD 4K video with full width sensor, or 5K oversampling to reduce a super 35 area and miR and aliasing.

 In addition, benefiting both stability and video operation, the A7R retains the 5th 5-axis Steedshot Inside sensor-shift image stabilization, which is now effective in reducing the presence of camera shake by up to 5.5 stops.

In addition to imaging updates, the ARR III sports a revised body design, including the bright.69৯ meter-dot True-Finder OALED electronic viewfinder for bright, clear and realistic eye level monitoring.

A rear 3.0 "1.44m-dot tilting touchscreen LCD is available to support intuitive settings and better support working from high and low angles.

 Dual SD memory card slot is now featured and a larger NP-FZ100 battery viewfinder It is also employed to capture around 530 shots per charge while using the camera Magnesium Aloe Chassis and Extreme Weather-Ceiling A-7R III also provide dust- and moisture-resistant protection
42.4MP Exmoor BSI CMOS Sensor and BONZ X Image Processor

Featuring a back-illuminated design, the full-frame 42.4-megapixel XMORE and CMOS sensor work with the BONZ-X image processor to offer high-resolution steel and video to reduce noise and improve speed.

 nd an anti-reflection coating, as well as optical low-pass filters to improve light collection and enhance detail. Also, the copper wire layer dramatically improves data transmission speeds to create a 14-bit, high-resolution 42.4-megapixel steel with a range of native sensitivity from ISO 100-32000, which can be further expanded to ISO 50-102400.

Sony Alpha a7R III Mirrorless Digital Camera

 Also, it enables internal UHD4K video recording with a wide dynamic range utilizing the full width of the full-frame sensor. The BONZ-X processor works together with high-speed front-end LSI to realize faster processing times, with the ability to capture an impressive 15-stop dynamic range at low sensitivity values.

The combination of sensors and processors up to 76 fps at full resolution up to 10 fps and also offers the benefit of fast uninterrupted shooting, including fulltime AF / A, when working with a mechanical shutter or electronic shutter. If shooting in live view mode, shooting rates of up to 8 fps are also possible.

Fast Hybrid AF System

An evolving 4D focus system now employs a combination of 399 phase-detection points, covering approximately 68% of the frame with 425 contrast detection zones for reliable and fast autofocus and subject tracking performance.

 This fast hybrid AF system achieved double focusing speeds and more reliable tracking than the previous A7R model, as well as improved low-light focus response to -3EV.

The use of phase-detection points completely continuous AF / with this tracking consistency option enables the use of A-mount lenses via mounted adapters of the standard LA-EA3 or LA-EA1 lenses.

The App Focus system detects itself with various focusing functions for improved accuracy, including lock-on AF, which focuses on moving issues throughout the use of a configurable frame set above the desired moving object, and extends the flexible spot, which moves even if the initially selected point loses focus.

 Neighborhood focus pointg to retain focus on topics Appointments. Additionally, IF can be used for eye focusing of subjects recognized for AF portraits and is available in both AF-S and AF-C modes.

Autofocus can be used in conjunction with the Focus Magnifier function for critical focus while taking minute content details.

The rear touchscreen can also be used for touch focus control, and a touchpad focus control mode lets you use the rear screen comfortably while keeping an eye on the viewfinder.

For more personalized control over focus and to benefit from working in the direction of vertical or horizontal shooting, the AF area can be changed in orientation to better align your content. F tracking sensitivity can also be customized in five steps, how things are going and can memorize frequently used focus point settings and retrieve with a custom button for quick switching between focus settings.

Includes 5-axis spreadsheet image stabilization

mage Stabilization System compensates for the five different types of camera shakes encountered during handheld shooting of steel and video. It allows users to confidently use any lens, even adapted lenses, for critical imagery without experiencing blurring from a camera shake.

For longer focal lengths, the system will adjust for adjusting the pitch and EO. Macro and high-magnification images, on the other hand, will benefit from the inclusion of horizontal and vertical shift compensation.

All shooting styles can be used outside of roll compensation. All 5 axes of stabilization will be effective at all times, even when using third-party lenses and adapters or lenses with built-in optical stability.

UHD 4K video recording in XAVC S format

Internal recording of UHD4K film is possible at rates of multiple frames up to 30 fps, and oversampling based on super 35mm recording area and effective 5K resolution and full pixel readout is possible, for higher quality it is pixel binning zero reduced moiré and aliasing. Imagery with.

 Full-frame 4K recording has also dramatically improved for improved quality while operating at mid to high sensitivity to allow full use of full sensor width.

fps and uses the 100 Mbps XAVC S format contained in MP4 wrapper with both resolution 4: 2: 0 samples. rdings at frame rate 30p or 24p en In addition to high-resolution internal recording, compressed HDMI output is an al external external recorder for clear 4K recording with 4: 2: 2 sampling. Enables usage.

The ability to produce 8mm steel during 4K video recording playback also grabs the frame from a movie and saves it as a separate file.

Additional video features


Support for HDR Content:

HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) support with BT.220 color space is available, for enhanced recording in a wide range of colors and in addition to S-Log II, S-Log3 increases shading grading control in the mid-tone region of the image available for effective 14-stop production. Including dynamic range.

Slow and fast speed:

    Take more control over your video capture capabilities with the variety of new frame rates available in S&Q mode. It allows shooters to capture full HD video in any one of the steps between 1-120 fps.

 These settings will slow you down the action as well as speed up the moving scene. This setting is NTSC / Paul modifiable

Enhanced zebra function:

    An enhanced zebra function is ideally suited to help monitor exposure values   in high-contrast scenes. Video signal level targets can be set from 0 to 109, and specific ranges can be set to facilitate exposure level consistency.

Time code and user bit settings:

    A time code can be used to record hours, minutes, seconds, frames on image data for more precise editing, while the user bit function can record dates, times, and scene numbers to help edit footage from multiple cameras at once.

Proxy recording:

    UHD4K movies and low-resolution proxy movies can be recorded simultaneously. educe the time required for final 4K editing.

Body design and built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

    An updated Quad-VGA OLED True-Finder EVF is featured and has a 3.69m-dot resolution for bright, clear viewing in high detail. To optimize the viewing experience, both standard and high quality settings can be used depending on the shooting situation.

This updated viewfinder design also supports autofocus in focus magnifier mode, as well as focus focus picking to benefit from manual focus operation.

     a touch panel design for intuitive management and focusing control The screen will also bend up to 107 t and down to 41 t to benefit from working from high and low angles.

    The magnesium alloy chassis assures rigidity, durability and durability while being lightweight. The lens mount has also been developed to better support heavier lenses, and grip rigidity has been improved to allow for more comfortable hand holding.

    A durable shutter unit incorporates a coreless motor and brake system that, in addition to controlling shutter shock, extends its rated lifespan to approximately 500,000 actuations.
    Weather-sealing has been employed to prevent dust and moisture for reliable operation in harsh weather.
    Using the same NP-FZ100 battery as the A9, the A7R has improved the battery life of the third and is now rated around 530 shots per charge with 650 shots with EVF or rear LCD.

    Dual SD memory card slots allow flexible file storage and management, and raw and JPEG files can be configured for partitioning or used for overflow recording. One of the card slots is rated to support UHS-2 memory cards.

    ireless radio remotes.

    A USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port has been added to support faster, more reliable tethering, in addition to a micro-USB port. The USB Type-C connection allows charging the camera from a host power source while connected.

The A7R3T also has a 3.5mm microphone input jack to adjust the external microphone. And for users needing more, the camera is compatible with Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter for recording professional balance XLR audio signal with Vantam power and adjustable mic / line input.

For audio monitoring, a 3.5mm headphone jack is available as well as real time audio level for visual reference.

    The built-in Wi-Fi A7R III enables instant sharing of images on mobile devices for instant online sharing via social networking, email and cloud storage sites.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is also supported, which allows one-touch connections between cameras and compatible mobile devices; No complicated set up is required. Once connected, the linked mobile device can display a live view image on its screen and remotely control the camera shutter.

    Bluetooth connectivity allows for data acquisition.

Pixel Shift Multi-shooting

This unique combination mode allows you to achieve higher resolution than the 42.4MP sensor. Working simultaneously with sensor-shift image stabilization, this mode removes the sensor while making four consecutive exposures to achieve approximately 169.6MP data for greater color accuracy and detail through a single exposure.

These files can be grouped together during post-production using the Sony Imaging software suite.
Other camera features

    The rating function allows you to set star values   from 1-5 on in-camera images for quick editing and home selection during post-production.

    An advanced 1200-region evaluative exposure metering sensor provides consistent and accurate results using multi-section, center-charged or spot metering modes.

    Highlights and average metering modes help avoid blown highlights and provide stable auto-exposure, respectively.

    Anti-Flickr shooting automatically recognizes and bars shutter action to reduce the impact of shaking for more consistent results in fixed images.

    Image effects mode: Posterization (color), posterization (B / W), pop color, retro photo, partial color (R / G / B / Y), high contrast monochrome, toy camera (simple /

    Creative style mode: standard, clear, neutral, clear, deep, light, portrait, landscape, sunset, night view, autumn leaves, black and white, sepia, style box (1-6), (contrast (-3 to +3) Steps), saturation (-3 to +3 steps), sharpness (-3 to +3 steps).

Watson NP-FZ100 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 2000mAh, 16.4Wh)

-FZ100 battery. Also, the battery capacity is 2000mAh, 7.2V output power and 16.4 watts.

Ruggard Journey 24 DSLR Shoulder Bag (Black)

Attach your Compact DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with Lens, Flash and Lightweight, Black Journey 24 DSLR Shoulder Bag with Rugguard Store This handsome bag has a huge flap with quick release buckle and double-tension zipper closure.

The main buggy has four padded, touch-binding dividers to sort the equipment. A light gray inner lining makes the gear easy to detect in low light .

The bottom has a large, zippered, mesh accessory pocket. Small accessories easily fit in the front zipper pocket. Inside this pocket are two slip-in pockets, two memory card pockets with touch-tied flaps and a zipper mesh pocket.

Photographers will appreciate the neoprene water bottle / accessories pocket on the left side of the bag. A strap for attaching accessories to the reverse.

Carry a Journey 24 shoulder bag by the padded top handle, or wear with a removable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap. The strap has a snap-hook that attaches to the metal D-rings on either side of the bag.

And behind the bag is a trolley strap that comes in handy when traveling with rolling luggage. Two plastic strips on the bottom of the bag help protect it from corrosion. This well-made bag is made from weather-resistant polyester and ballistic nylon.

Syndisk 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-1 Memory Card

Designed for SD devices that can capture full HD, 3D and 4K video, as well as the RAW and Fat Photography Syndisk's 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I memory card, it has 32GB of capacity, and is compatible with the UHS-1 bus.

The V30 features a speed class rating that guarantees a minimum write speed of 30 MB / second. If your device does not support V30 value, this card also supports U3 value, which also guarantees a minimum write speed of 30 MB / second. eed up to 90 MB / second.

Built for extreme conditions, Sandisk's 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-1 memory card is water, shock, x-ray and temperature proof to help protect your data.

A built-in protection protects your content more while protecting, while the advanced error correction code engine provides data integrity and card reliability during reading and writing operations.

 This memory card includes downloadable rescuepro data recovery software, which helps you recover good and accidentally deleted images for one year of use.

General Features


Enter speeds up to 90 MB / second for best-mode performance

This card utilizes your DSLR potential for continuous explosion-mode shooting, with write speeds of up to 90 MB / second (600x) and 95 MB / second (633X). ned to meet and exceed rigorous performance standards.


32 GB for seamless video capture at UHS Speed   Class 3 (U3)

This UHS-i card has a capacity of 32GB and provides 90 MB / s UHS Speed   Class 3 (U3) recording speeds for high resolution, real-world color and stutter-free 4K Ultra HD video from your DSLR, advanced digital, Or HD video cameras. Additionally, the ability of this card means you can shoot for a long time.


4K Ultra HD ready

The 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) offers exceptional precision, but capturing it without any interruption requires more speed and storage than previous generation imaging cards. This 32GB Extreme Pro card offers both speed and power, so the video you pictured today is ready for 4K Ultra HD television and monitors.

Read speeds up to 95 MB / second streamline helps post-production

The faster data transfer speeds await most of what you do after shooting your videos. Upload media files from the card to the computer very quickly.

Bug fixes for increased reliability

The card's built-in advanced wire leveling and error correction code enhances engine tolerance and reliability.

Extreme sustainability helps to address climate challenges


The SunDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I cards are ready to handle shockproof, X-ray proof and waterproof and whatever life throws at them. You can capture memories in almost any climate, as the card is temperature driven from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

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