Lenovo 14" 64GB TN 14e Chromebook 2019

Lenovo's 14 "64GB TN14e Chromebook is a lightweight and compact system that keeps a powerful hinge that protects it from injuries and injuries. It's a 1.6 GHz AMD A4-9120C dual-core processor and 8 for efficient multitasking.

 Equipped with GB DDR4 RAM and day-to-day tasks to keep your files safe, this laptop comes equipped with 64৪ GB of EMMC with flash storage. Jita. If you need more room you have to use the USB port as well as a microSD card reader, you can connect external storage solutions.

Its 14 "display, powered by the integrated AMD Radion R4 graphics chipset, has a 1920 x 1080 resolution, and is made with a TN (patched nematic) panel that gives you wide viewing angles and vivid colors.

Lenovo 14" 64GB TN 14e Chromebook

 Other integrated features include Wi-Fi. (802.11ac), Bluetooth 4.2, a 720p webcam, microphone, integrated speaker and a mic / headphone combo jack. 45W USB Type-C to keep the person in charge of your laptop power adapter that comes with the operating system installed.

Performance you can count on

With the AMD A4 Dual-Core Processing and Chrome OS, this laptop runs smoothly. Choose from thousands of educational and business applications in the Google Play and Chrome Web Store, including TeenCard, Expenify, Lucidchart, and Dropbox.

Multitask with Edge

Open a window of your choice, play multiple apps, play high-definition video or stream your favorite TV show. No matter what task you want to perform, the 14D Chromebook will perform smoothly without compromising.

From the classroom to the meeting room

Fast and secure, Chromebooks require a bit of maintenance, so they can boot up in seconds and run all day long. Automatic updates ensure that your Chromebook runs smoothly.

Easy on the eyes

Behind the stamped aluminum shell cover, the 14 "Full HD display has a 6mm narrow bezel and anti-glare technology. The result is a larger, more vivid screen that puts less pressure on your eyes.
No more moaning over spilled coffee

The full-size keyboard has a sealed touchpad that can withstand up to 1.5 cups. It boasts of mechanically anchored keys that keep daily life shaking and rugged.

People and ideas are getting closer

The front-facing 720p HD camera comes with two microphones, a video conference or a chat in the Google Hangout. What's more, everything sounds and crystal clear, enabling even closer collaboration around the world.

Chromebook unplugged

Fully charged, the 14e Chromebook can last up to 10 hours. It's more than enough juice to keep you entertained in your day-to-day commutes, and to get things done while you're at school or at work.

At home, recharge your Chromebook overnight and it's good to go again the next day.

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